Three early 20th century postcards of

These three postcards were sold to Deane Merrill on ebay 4/30/99 by Jim Yellen, 38 Van Duyne Ave, Wayne, NJ. Another interested bidder was: Dave Kane, San Leandro CA

1."Ridgewood Road" Color. Shows a narrow dirt street, tree-lined in suburban South Orange. One quaint home is shown. Used, PM Montclair, NJ Feb 8, 1909 VG
so_org1a.jpg (527 x 337 pixels, 100dpi)
so_org1b.jpg (reverse) 1909 postmark

2."Ridgewood Road from Tillou Road" B&W Scene of dirt street, looks almost rural. A large home with picket fence is shown. Horse and carraige in front. Used, PM South Orange, NJ Sep 4, 1909 VG
so_org2a.jpg (547 x 347 pixels, 100dpi)
so_org2b.jpg (reverse) 1909 postmark

3. "Pavillion on Washington Rock, South Mountain Reservation" Color. Shows a log pavillion built on fieldstone piers in a wild setting. Used. PM Orange, NJ Jun 26, 1912. VG
so_org3a.jpg (534 x 334 pixels, 100dpi)
so_org3b.jpg (reverse) 1912 postmark


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